Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Saving Grace"

Saving Grace is one of my all time favorite TV shows. It's scary, real, beautiful, frustrating, spiritual, inspiring, and full of everything that is a true life. Despite the fact that Grace is truly frustrating, this show gave me a hope and belief that nothing else has done in my life (except Robert) in the best 3 years. Needless to say I was very disappointed to find out that the show was ending this season. And so suddenly we were left with the prospect of 4 more episodes and no reasonable end in sight. Still, I had faith in the writers because they hadn't let me down so far, so why should they do it now?
The episode "I Need You to Call Earl" gave me hope that all would end with
some sort of resolution or new beginning for Grace, but, really, we were left with ridiculous surprise Death and a little bit of nothing for all the other characters. I get it: it started with her sister's death by fire by Hut Flanders so why not end with Grace's death by fire to Kill Hut Flanders, but, really? Does it have to be that way? It's just too sad. They could have left us hanging in another way: with her chasing Death down, maybe getting married to Ham, guiding Clay on his path... SOMETHING. But no. Almost makes me not want to buy the last season.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A house A house!

We have found a house! 207 Old Ferry Road in Wiscasset Maine is a ranch. I never expected to fall in love with a Ranch...BUT it's unique. It has an attached 2 bay garage. It has 2 decks out back (one enclosed, one not), a master SUITE (with private bathroom, walk-in closet-with a window, skylights, and exposed beams), a little room off the bedroom I can use for my workout room (once again with skylights)... fireplace and wood stove AND a "man cave" room built out of old barn boards! It's amazing, interesting, yet open to the improvements we might make someday. 1.5 acres of land with access to a brook that leads out to the river (salt). AND it's only 1 mile from route 1 and 12.4 miles from Lowes, 18 miles from Dammy, and just a little more than that from mom. What more could one ask for?

We've signed the contract for a closing date of August 1st. Our inspectors found very little wrong with the house. The water test was great. We just need to have the house appraised for our Mortgage lender and from their it's all about getting the money organized, which is the part I dread the most. Still, I'm thinking it will all work out. This house has something about it that just makes it meant to be.
Sigh. Life is just really good some days!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I can't seem to commit myself to anything except work and life with Robert these days, so who knows if I will come back on here on a regular basis, but I felt inspired today. So, here's hoping that I continue to be inspired...

Friday, June 18, 2010


Last week it was announced that a new Zone Manager position was opening up because Eric, our Zone 1 manager, was being promoted to Administrative manager. I have always said that I wasn't interested in moving up in the company, plus we are buying a house, plus Robert might be leaving soon, plus I'm not done cleaning up electrical yet! BUT, after 4 days of listening to everyone, yes, EVERYONE, tell me that I would do such a great job as a Zone...well, I finally decided to apply at the last minute.
I'm good at what I do. I don't have total confidence in myself, but I have enough to know that. I found out a couple days later that I was the only one in our store who got an interview (out of the 5 managers who applied), which also boosted my confidence. I thought I might have an edge because I was a female as well, but not so: all 4 of the interviewees were female!
And the new Zone Manager is...not me. I was told I interviewed really well, but my "attendance issues" were the one thing that kept me from the job. Basically, I'm only allowed 5 absences (even with a doctor's note) in a 12 month period and I've had 10. This is complete and utter ridiculousness in my opinion, but I understand the company has to protect themselves.
I'm not really disappointed. It would have been nice to up my yearly earnings to $41,000, but I would have been salary and I would have had to work at least 50 hours a week. Don't need that right now.:)
So, here's hoping I can stay at work for the next 8 months without getting sick. And then I'll just need another Zone position to open up at my store. RIGHT.:)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I have awesome new friends from work!

These will make no sense to anyone else, but I love my girls!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung in Maine and the world is an interesting and busy place. Nothing too big to report, except that I seem to be getting pretty lazy about the blogging. It's so sad, but true.
We're enjoying the warming weather-70degrees on Easter is an oddity in Maine. We helped mom and Buzz cut down some brambles and rake some leaves and ate some of mom's lovely food.
Robert's arm has finally healed, so we are looking for jobs in MS, AL, an VA in hopes of keeping him close to family and friends. Looks like MS might be promising...we'll just see. I am trying to steel myself against the change that will happen when he leaves for months at a time... trying to see the bright side is easy right now with Spring getting here and work going well and friends close by. So, I'll just keep thinking positive.
We have seen a few houses here and there that we like, but are still looking since we can't buy anything until the end of the year anyway. Gotta save up a down payment on a house... hopefully finding a house and running out on our lease will coincide with each other... once again, positive thinking.:)
Mom took me to see David Gray in Portland last was a great show. LOVE the Merrill Auditorium, but discovered that I'm older than I thought and I have trouble staying up late.:) I guess it's just the way it is when you work and live and enjoy life...who cares if you can stay up late or not, right?
Lots of Babies on the way...none of them mine, but lots of showers and parties happening and I'm enjoying every bit of it. I love having these Life Moments to celebrate with my friends... and I'm HERE for them! I would be so sad if I weren't! Leah's due in a couple of weeks, Jen is due the beginning of June, Emily is due the end of August...It's a world full of babies! Hard to believe that Maggie Lane is all ready 15 months old and little Brady is coming up on a year old in June! We will finally get to meet him when he comes up with his mom and dad for our 10 year high school reunion: another party to have and organize!
See, I'm going to keep busy while Robert's gone.
So, off to watch THE PACIFIC and the many other shows that I love...enjoy time with my honey...and cuddle with my cats.
It's a good life.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the Vally of Elah

This movie was nothing I expected...I had an image of a historical film, but it ended up being another film about the War in the Middle East. Well cast and acted, I was surprised to find Charlize Theron in a very plain, but extremely passionate role. I am usually not one for the current war movies, but this one was so horrible, but without the horrible images, that I couldn't help myself from watching. It immediately made think of my friend Jason and the time he spent over there. The similarities between what I know of his time there and what the young man in this movie went through were very frightening-because this movie showed me all the things that Jason may have gone through but would never have told me about. The honesty and the matter-of-factness with which these soldiers told the story of their murdering and the effects of the war upon their bodies and minds...I just don't know. It was frightening beyond belief and made my insides turn. And, on top of all that, the plot and mystery pull you in so that you must continue to watch. There are no horrible images, but there are horrible ideas and thoughts. But, it is the most real Present Day war movie I have seen in a long time. OH, I hope these things end soon so that these many men can avoid coming home with their minds a mess. And I truly hope that Jason has not had such a horrible experience and that he can recover better than these men.